ancestor-altarFriday, October 7: 6–9 p.m.

This month’s First Friday will be a celebration and commemoration of Remembering our Ancestors. The tradition of setting aside time to honor the ancestors is found in cultures throughout the world (e.g. All Souls, Día de los Muertos, Samhain). Join us for a potluck in the Guild Hall and the building of a community altar in the Sanctuary. Bring pictures of your loved ones (relatives, friends, animal companions) to honor and celebrate their memory and your time with them. You are welcome to bring photos, artwork, trinkets, tokens, prose and poetry to place on the altar in remembrance of your dearly departed. Please bring items that you feel comfortable leaving on the altar—the altar will remain in the Guild Hall through All Saints’ Day. We will also spend some time making decorations for the altar.  This is a family-friendly event; children are welcome!

What to bring for the potluck: The favorite dish of a person that you are honoring/remembering (e.g. Nana’s favorite chicken dish).