Sundays 8am + 1030am

Wednesdays 6pm

99 Wells Ave S

Renton, WA 98057


Holy Eucharist

We celebrate our lives in Christ, proclaiming an authentic faith for real people. Through ritual, song, prayer, scripture, silence, beauty, and communion, we proclaim God’s love for all.


8am + 1030am

Our Lady of Guadalupe

A bilingual (Spanish/English) liturgy by Padre Alfredo Feregrino and Our Lady of Guadalupe Episcopal Church, hosted at St. Luke’s.



Vesper Mass

This intimate, meditative liturgy begins with the Episcopal evening office (Evening Prayer) and continues with communion. We gather in the sanctuary (altar area) of the church for this half-hour liturgy. A half-hour of silent meditation begins at 5:30 pm.



Seasonal Liturgies

St. Luke’s offer four seasonal, evening liturgies. These liturgies mark the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice. These are liturgies of story, chant, and music—and often beer and wine. All are welcome!


Chilean Guitar ConcertEat with MuslimsRise Up!
Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Luke’s hosted a free concert. The lyrical beauty of the music in this bilingual concert spaned from Chile and Brazil to Bach, from the elegance of Baroque suites and sonatas, to the colorful and exciting rhythms of Latin American sambas, choros, and tangos. The concert featured the music of Chilean composer and guitarist Alberto Cumplido and classical guitarist Hilary Field. This concert was sponsored by the Seattle Classical guitar Society. (more information)
St. Luke’s interfaith conversations provide a safe space to listen to and learn from leaders and people of other spiritual/faith traditions.Eat With Muslims is a program where we sit down to a Middle Eastern dinner and share dialogue and stories from each other’s perspectives. (more information)
Altar honoring our AncestorsStewardship BrunchBlessing of the AnimalsRe:Turn LiturgyCamping TripFierce ConversationsPentecost Coffee HourEasterShrove Tuesday
This community altar in our church celebrates and commemorates our ancestors. The tradition of setting aside time to honor the ancestors is found in cultures throughout the world (e.g. All Souls, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain). On Friday, Oct. 7, St. Luke’s community gathered for a potluck and an evening of building a community altar to celebrate our ancestors and our time with them. People brought trinkets, photos, artwork, tokens, prose, and poetry to place on the altar in memory of their departed loved ones.
St. Luke’s Vestry hosted our annual Fall Campaign Brunch with members of the Man-2-Man men’s group as chefs.
At noon on October 2, we hosted a Blessing of the Animals in Jones Park, complete with blessings and treats for all pets and people. This was our fourth annual Blessing of the Animals.
Our quarterly liturgy for the autumnal equinox, Re:Turn, took place on Friday, September 16th at 7 p.m. and Saturday, September 17th at 5 p.m. The music team included Jack Barben, Charles Rus, Chuck Hamilton, and others. The Crown and Thistle Pub was open in St. Timothy’s chapel before and after both liturgies, serving craft beer, wine, and other beverages. You can hear a recording here.

About Us

Kevin Pearson

Kevin has been a priest for more than 20 years, serving congregations in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco before coming to St. Luke’s in the spring of 2004. In addition to his work at St. Luke’s, he serves as chaplain at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Kevin holds a doctorate from San Francisco Theological Seminary, writing in the field of worship and transcendent experience.

       [email protected]  Sermon Archive


sally-carlsonSally Carlson

Sally has spent most of her life in the Seattle area, where she led a 30-year career the architectural and interior design industry. She retired from that field, though, to devote her time and energy as a deacon in the church. Sally is a certified spiritual director and works with itinerant street clientele. She has also founded two feeding programs on Vashon Island.

[email protected]

german-vergaraGerman Vergara
Property Manager

German maintains the church’s buildings and grounds. He holds degrees in journalism from Universidad de Colima and in law from Universidad Michoacana (UMSNH). He is also a master carpenter ( and a skilled pastoral presence.

[email protected]

josh-delacyJosh deLacy
Social Media Director and Administrator

Josh deLacy lives in Seattle, Washington, where he climbs cliffs, summits mountains, and builds websites. NPR called him a modern-day Jack Kerouac after he hitchhiked 7,000 miles across the United States, and a few dozen surprised drivers told him he didn’t smell bad. Since that experience, he found homes in the Pacific Northwest, the Episcopal Church, and Calvin College’s the post calvin. Josh deLacy’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in places such as The Emerson Review, Front Porch Review, and Perspectives. His website:

[email protected]

2013-08-05 16.58.16Jack Barben III
Director of Music

Jack is an accomplished musician and choir director who has served churches and schools in the Bay Area and Seattle. He is one of those rare musicians who is classically trained and also understands the cutting edge of modern church music in which music unites and builds a community. Jack, his partner Kopi, and their 3-month-old daughter Erowyn are in the process of relocating to Seattle.

[email protected]

Susan Dean
Priest Associate

Susan serves as Executive Director of Underhill House, a nonprofit designed to be a quiet place to pray in downtown Seattle. She also serves as a spiritual director.

Alfredo Feregrino
Priest Associate

Alfredo was born in Mexico city and has lived in Seattle since 1992 with his wife and twins. He obtained his Master of Divinity at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry and has been ordained since 2013. In 2014, he planted Our Lady of Guadalupe Episcopal Church, a bilingual, multicultural congregation in a contemporary urban setting.

  • Membership
    • Major Events: Tracy Russell
    • Member Cultivation/Evangelism: Nancy Hansen, Linda Calbom
  • Learning/Study: Tom Cashman, Nancy Hansen, Mark Fredericksen, Nicole Torres
  • Action
    • Stewardship: Jennifer Harold, Jim Teays, Victor Bright, Mark Fredericksen, Kevin Pearson
      • Grant Writing: Mark Fredericksen, Nicole Torres, Nancy Hansen, Kevin Pearson, Josh deLacy
      • Endowment Committee: Linda Calbom, Nicole Torres, Mark Fredericksen, Kevin Pearson
    • Service: Mark Fredericksen, Nicole Torres, Kevin Pearson
    • Evangelism/Marketing: Linda Calbom, Tom Cashman
  • Prayer/Worship: Kevin Pearson
Our Vision is to be a community of…
we awaken to the beauty of the world and God’s song in our hearts


we learn to be whole people in body, mind, and spirit


we give ourselves for the good of God’s creation


Godly Play

Godly Play

Our Montessori-style Sunday School. Each preschool and school-age classroom has a story-teller and a gatekeeper. They meet during the 1030am liturgy. Ages 4–9.

Contact: Theresa Schaefer: (206) 355-3751 or [email protected]

Sundays @ 1030am

Discovery Group

Our Discovery Group for youth meets every Sunday from 9:45 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. These classes explore liturgy, symbolism, and meaning. Ages 9–13.

Contact: Theresa Schaefer: (206) 355-3751 or [email protected]

Sundays @ 945am

Interfaith Conversations

A safe space to listen to and learn from leaders and people of other spiritual/faith traditions. These evenings foster conversation, celebrate our differences, and develop tools to strengthen the whole.

Contact: Deacon Sally Carlson: [email protected]

More info



Our choir supports the congregation by singing hymns, service music, and anthems. Rehearsals also aim to develop our singers’ musicianship, both individually and as a group. We are an always-open community of singers.

Contact: Jack Barben III: [email protected]

 Sundays @ 8am + 1030am

Community Garden


Provides fresh vegetables to Renton’s Food Bank and flowers for St. Luke’s Altar. All who are interested are enthusiastically welcome to participate, either during garden work parties or individually when the spirit moves you.

Contact: Mark Fredericksen: 425-652-2450 or [email protected]


Living Compass

A Living Compass small group lasts six weeks. Six to eight people and a facilitator bring each other closer to a life of wholeness and wellness.

Contact: Mark Fredericksen: 425-652-2450 or [email protected]

Various Meeting Times

Women’s Spirituality Group

Gathers for prayer, discernment, learning, conversation, and support on the third Sunday of the month from 9 – 10am. All women are welcome.

Contact: Susan Bonilla-Centeno: (206) 799-5490 or [email protected]

3rd Sundays @ 9am

Men’s Group


Meets for a simple supper and conversation on the last Thursday of each month at 6:45 pm in the Guild Hall.

Contact: Christopher Evans (206) 931-0951

Last Thursdays @ 645pm

Drum Circle

Connect with spirit and rhythm through your body and through sound. No experience needed!

Contact: Nicole Torres [email protected]

First & Third Thursdays @ 7pm



Rotating homeless men’s shelter co-founded by REACH and St. Luke’s. Travels to a different Renton Parish each month. St. Luke’s provides hospitality when we are a host church, and we provide meals at other times.

Contact: Sally Cummings: (425) 228-1871


Thursday Supper


Provides a hot meal for the Renton community on the second Thursday of each month. Part of REACH’s Community Suppers Program at the Salvation Army.

Contact: Deacon Sally Carlson: (206) 390-9249 [email protected]

Second Thursdays @ 530pm


St. Luke’s donates supplies to REACH and occasionaly partners with REACH for specfic events and/or drives. The REACH Center of Hope is a day center and night shelter for homeless women and children including boys over 12.

Contact: REACH: 425-277-7594



St. Luke’s donates school supplies, clothing, personal hygiene items, and Christmas gifts to Communities in Schools of Renton (CISR), working closely with Renton High School to respond to its students’ most urgent needs.

Contact: Sally Cummings: (425) 228-1871




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Flowers, Candles, and Coffee Hour

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What happens to the money?
100 percent of your financial gift goes directly to St. Luke’s ministry and mission. Our treasurers are volunteer parishioners who accept no fees for their administration of parish funds. Parish expenses are most always greater than the funds we receive in pledges; thus, all of your pledge is applied to current, budgeted ministry expenses.
How do I make a gift?
We gladly accept all gifts for the work and ministry of St. Luke’s. You may make a one-time gift by clicking the link to the left. You may send a check in the mail or make and offering (cash, check, or credit/debit card) at church. You may also set up a repeating gift through your bank or by clicking the link to the left.
What is a pledge? Why is it helpful to pledge rather than give?
A pledge is a commitment to support St. Luke’s at a certain, regular dollar figure throughout the year. Pledges may be made at any time in the year. Pledges let us budget based on what you and other parishioners commit to offer, allowing allow the parish leadership to be better stewards of parishioner gifts through our planning process.
What is St. Luke’s Legacy Society?
St. Luke’s Legacy Society consists of parishioners who have included a gift to St. Luke’s in their estate. We are normally able to receive liquid and non-liquid gifts. Please contact the rector or a member of St. Luke’s Endowment Committee about making such a gift. Those who indicate on their pledge cards that they have made a Legacy gift to St. Luke’s will be enrolled in St. Luke’s Legacy Society, as well as in the Bishop’s Society of the Diocese of Olympia.